Rowell Fair T-Shirts 2024

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The Rowell Fair Society is pleased to announce this year’s limited edition Rowell Fair t-shirts. As seen in this month’s Vogue magazine*

On sale at Showmen’s Evening this Wednesday evening from 7.45pm at Tresham Hall, Conservative Club (22nd) and then from 10am at the Arts & Heritage Centre (23rd onwards)

  • Limited number
  • Unique navy-blue design
  • Various sizes
  • Only £12 each

All proceeds to the Rowell Fair Society.

As always, the Rowell Fair t-shirts are very popular and are sure to sell out fast. Get yours before they’re gone – and when they’re gone, they really are! Avoid disappointment


*Not really! 😁

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  1. Scott

    So you know what size rude shorts go up to?
    Really fancy one but I’ma bigger guy lol

    1. Hi Scott. Thanks for contacting us. I’m told we’ll have XXL size as part of the batch.

  2. Rob draycott

    Are there any XL or XXL t shirts available

    1. Hi Rob. Thanks for getting in touch. So sorry – we had a real run on them this year and ran completely out of stock. We’re considering having another batch made, so I suggest keeping an eye across our social media spaces for news. Thanks for supporting the Fair! Cheers. Steve P, Web and Social Media

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