Rowell Fair Society

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The Rowell Fair Society was formed in 1968 to “preserve and maintain the traditions of the ancient Charter Fair”, which span many centuries and is one of the oldest Charter Fairs in the country. It is arguably the largest organisation in Rothwell with around 300 members.

Recruitment Poster for Rowell Fair Society featuring RF President, Paul Johnson and RFS Events & Entertainment Officer, Ian Dudley (with menacing Vikings in the background!)
Paul Johnson (RFS President) & Ian Dudley (RFS Events & Entertainment)
– plus menacing Vikings!

“Our mission is to uphold and preserve the heritage of the Rowell Charter Fair so that the local community and visitors can enjoy and celebrate the traditions of the past, today”.

We organise and plan the activities around Fair Week and help to keep these wonderful 800-plus-year-old traditions alive. This would not be possible without the volunteer committee and to other volunteers, seen and unseen, to whom we are always very grateful.

The Committee

Frank York
Chair and Bailiff to the Lord of the Manor


Paul Johnson, President
Paul Cottell, Treasurer
Sue Johnson, Secretary
Lloyd Mills, Deputy Bailiff
Bill Kingston, Auditor


Ian Dudley, Events & Entertainment
Pete Bell, Halberdier Liaison
Richard Ley
Steve Palmer, Web & Social Media

The Rowell Fair - Prize giving

A strong social side!

The society also has a strong social side – we hold regular events throughout the year which may include well-known speakers, film showing and shows. Monthly member’s evenings are usually free to members and are held at the Rothwell Conservative Club on Market Hill.


We are self-financing. Although we do receive some grants, we mainly raise our own funds. This year, some of our local businesses have kindly sponsored our monthly events. This is a huge help and the Society thanks those who did – and those who might.

Join us at the Rowell Fair Society!
Our membership strength is essential and new members are always welcome. Membership is just £5 per year and includes attendance at our social events and receipt of our regular(-ish) newsletter.

Become a volunteer
We rely upon willing volunteers to help us organise and run the fair. If you would like to help out, please get in touch, or alternatively visit the Rothwell Arts and Heritage Centre on Bridge Street for more information.

To become a member or volunteer, or to find out more
please get in touch
or simply come along to one of
our evening events.

You will be made very welcome!